Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC is dedicated to representing individuals, businesses, authorities, and municipalities in government investigations, internal investigations, complex civil litigation, and regulatory enforcement matters. The seasoned trial attorneys with over 50 years of trial experience in federal and state courts, including service in multi-state litigation. We litigate effectively with and against top firms in Virginia and around the country.

The unique combination of skills brought by the attorneys at McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC provides expertise and perspective that enable us to counsel clients through complex transactions, regulatory issues, and corporate transactions while considering and preparing for litigation when it becomes necessary.

Business Disputes

McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC has substantial experience in handling business disputes. Although many of these disputes are best resolved outside of the courtroom, we recognize that sometimes litigation is the only option. Our attorneys have represented officers, directors, and shareholders in all types of business disputes ranging from claims of breach of fiduciary duty to minority shareholder oppression. At McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC we understand that these disputes arise not only in large corporations but also in small and family-owned businesses. Our considerable experience allows us to resolve even the most complex matters in a cost-effective manner.

Construction Law

We have represented owners, contractors, subcontractors and third parties in a variety of disputes, including defending mechanic’s lien cases, litigating payment bond claims, and handling all types of matters involving breach of contract, delay claims, and construction site accidents. These cases are typically multi-million dollar proceedings involving sureties, prime and subcontractors, architects and engineers, unpaid material men and suppliers, and the usual cast of construction industry participants.

Contract Litigation

At McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC, we have a breadth of experience in litigating everything from simple contracts to complex commercial agreements. Our attorneys understand that business transactions take a variety of forms and that the disputes arising from these transactions can be just as varied. They have represented clients in many sectors, including manufacturing, sales, shipping, retail and commercial development, and agriculture. In each case, we work with our clients to understand their business and industry in order to achieve the best possible result.

Landlord/Tenant and Real Property Disputes

We have represented commercial landlords, national property management companies, and tenants in lease disputes arising in a variety of contexts. Many of these cases involve enforcing a landlord’s rights upon default, including regaining possession of the premises, recovering past due rent, and other damages. In addition, we have represented both landlords and tenants in negotiating lease termination agreements, litigating CAM disputes, and resolving disputes over past due and future rent.

Because of our real estate litigation background, we have also represented numerous landowners in condemnation/eminent domain proceedings, and have handled a variety of complex suits to quiet title, partition property, prove title by adverse possession, validate contested easements and right-of-ways, and establish disputed boundary claims.