Diversity Inclusion and Equity

McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC provides counseling to private and public corporations and authorities concerning the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the procurement of services, employment of individuals, and business operations.  McIntyre Stein & Ashby, provides the advice in a manner that helps those organizations achieve goals in employment, organization culture, and procurement of goods and services in a manner that creates a diverse environment that can continue into perpetuity.

Diversity, inclusion, and equity have always been a hallmark of Solomon H. Ashby, Jr.  Mr. Ashby’s service on the board of non-profits and specialty bar associations exemplifies a lifelong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  A child of the 1960s whose mother integrated the teaching faculty in Chesapeake Public Schools, Mr. Ashby’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has continued since his early advocacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison which resulted in the 1987 Steering Committee on Minority Affairs Final Report (“The Holley Report”), a demand for diversity and equity that resulted in the university’s response, The Madison Plan.

McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC is dedicated to representing individuals, businesses, authorities, and municipalities in government investigations, internal investigations, complex civil litigation, and regulatory enforcement matters.  McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC can assist you in addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the daily operation of your organization.