Personal Injury

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When clients are injured in car accidents, tractor-trailer accidents,  workplace accidents, wrongful death, and medical malpractice, clients are focused on issues of pain, suffering, loss, and grief.  Clients must also navigate difficult situations with insurance carriers, medical billing, and healthcare liens.  McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC experience as plaintiff and defense attorneys provides us with the unique expertise to assist clients in navigating the difficulties presented by the toils and snares that impede the recovery process.

McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC attorneys personally handle the cases of personal injury victims.  It is the personal touch that allows them to seek justice on behalf of individuals and families suffering from traumatic injuries resulting from collisions involving cars, motorcycles, tractor-trailers, and scooters.  Experienced attorneys successfully handle product liability cases involving defective products and medical devices.

Your case is handled personally by an attorney at McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC.  When you need the assistance of an attorney, you can rely on the fact that the attorneys at McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC are available to you and oversee every element of the case.

The delivery of medical care is a relationship of trust and reliance on professionals.  However, mistakes happen.  When clients question the standard of care provided, we help malpractice clients determine the complex area of the law and the options available to them to achieve a just result.

McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC serves individuals and families who suffer from personal injuries throughout Virginia. We counsel and help individuals when suffering from catastrophic injury or wrongful death.  We dedicate ourselves to representing individuals and families with compassion during their difficult times while utilizing our expertise to bring out the best outcomes for life-altering injuries.

When our clients suffer through no fault of their own, McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC works to bring justice to the client.  The attorneys at McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC are experienced and skilled professionals who have experience in civil trials, business formation, corporate organization, contracts, wills, trust, and estates.  When you have an issue, McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC attorneys are skilled in advising you in business matters, family matters, and matters concerning your personal injury.  We are committed to serving our clients throughout their lives in all issues that impact you and your family from birth to death.

Let McIntyre Stein & Ashby, PLLC aid and assist you as a strong assertive advocate in the courtroom with the compassion and empathy to represent clients who suffered, emotional, financial, and physical harm from medical malpractice, vehicle accidents, premises liability, and product liability.