Financial Mediation

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Bankruptcy & Financial Mediation

At Wilson & McIntyre, we handle all aspects of debtor and creditor relationships in bankruptcy, civil litigation and out-of-court workouts. Our attorneys recognize that bankruptcy, while a powerful tool to restructure corporate or individual finances, is not always the best solution. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer creative and practical solutions to any financial problem depending upon your needs.


Our attorneys routinely appear in bankruptcy court representing debtors, creditors, trustees and creditor’s committees. These engagements range from corporate chapter 11 proceedings, to individual chapter 7 and 13 cases. This depth of experience allows us to efficiently and effectively handle any matter, whether it is a complex commercial dispute or a basic consumer matter. Each case and each client is given individualized professional attention and care.

Civil Litigation

At Wilson & McIntyre, our lawyers have handled everything from “cutting edge” commercial cases to simple collection proceedings. We have considerable experience in landlord-tenant disputes, construction litigation, breach of contract actions, government contract disputes and real estate matters. We understand that every case is different and focus on our client’s individual needs in order to reach the best possible result each time.

Fraudulent Conveyance Litigation

Whether it is defending against an over-zealous creditor or pursuing a judgment debtor, our attorneys have considerable experience with all aspects of fraudulent conveyance litigation. Among our cases are some of the most cutting edge theories and defenses raised in this jurisdiction. Our in-depth knowledge of the law allows us to insure that our client’s rights are fully protected; whether that means defending an estate planning transaction or unwinding conveyances intended to defraud creditors.

Consumer Protection

Our attorneys are experienced in both state and federal consumer protection laws. In these days of complex financial transactions, even for something as routine as a home mortgage, we can insure that your rights are protected in the event that you are being sued on a debt. Our attorneys can assist you with disputed debts and stop harassment and other improper collection practices.

Noteworthy bankruptcy and commercial cases handled by our attorneys:

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